Chin’Oro is a citrus scented seasoning oil obtained by pressing simultaneously two local products of excellence: Taggiasca Olives PDO and Chinotto di Savona – Slow Food Presidium.

Thanks to the passion and experience of two producers from Savona – Giacomo Parodi, of Azienda Agricola Parodi Alessandro, and Milko Druetti, of Antico Frantoio Tavian – there is a new flavour in the kitchen:


CHIN’ORO s an amazing combination. The palate first perceives hints of Taggiasca olives immediately followed by the citrus notes of the Chinotto di Savona, which leaves a pleasant fruity flavour in the mouth.

It’s versatile in the kitchen, and the more delicate the food is, the more CHIN’ORO’s citrus flavour stands out. Ideal for seasoning carpaccio, meat or fish tartare, bresaola and roast beef, or served as a dip with a crudité platter, or with mature or fresh cheeses.

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